Bed & Breakfast in Stratford, Ontario

Bed & Breakfast

  1. Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your reservation less than 14 days in advance you will lose your deposit.
  2. Early car drop off: Please park in the left hand side driveway after 12:00 pm. You will not be able to use the bathrooms as they are being cleaned.
  3. Lost and Found: If you leave anything at the house we will gladly ship the item back at the owners expense.
  4. No pets allowed: We have a cat Little B and he stays in our living space, Just incase you are allergic to cats.
  5. Municipal Accommodation Tax of 4% will be effective July 1 2023. All confirmations will have the tax applied and will be deducted at check out for those staying before July 1 2023.
  6. Thank-you for booking with us, see you for your Stratford Experience…Safe Travels